Monday, December 4, 2017

Greetings friends of the Bartlett Roundhouse!

As you can see from the previous posting, this is an exciting day for the Society!  We have received a $25000 grant from the NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, to be used with allocated matching funds from other sources, to repair and restore all of the exterior walls of the Roundhouse, except the front main door area and the backs of stalls one and two, which our latest grant from the Moose Plate Program allowed us to achieve.  This is a historic moment for us.  We are now a huge step closer to our ultimate goal of creating a railroad history museum and interpretive center on railroading in Bartlett, Crawford Notch, and northern New Hampshire.

Those of us involved in the project from the beginning weren't even thinking this far ahead when we began the process just to save and stabilize the structure back in 2006.  This was so far in the future for us that we couldn't even hope to see this day coming.  We had great ideas back then, but little to begin with.  Now we are actively moving the restoration and repair project so far forward that the dream of a museum in place here is now a reality.  Our goal to get this museum up and running within the next six or seven years is now really possible!

Passion for this project, from that of our original President, Scott Mallett, and executive board, and those of us who are now guiding the process forward, is strong, enthusiastic, excited, and determined to see our roundhouse brought back to life.  Passion is what gets us motivated to achieve what we need to.  We are lucky to have this, for, without it, the roundhouse would have been long ago torn down.

We invite all who read this to view our blog and our Facebook page and to become familiar with our efforts and results.  Hopefully, more of you will take the time to help us keep this project moving forward through your donations and support,

Thanks again to the LCHIP board for their consideration of our project's worth to the historic fabric of our heritage here in New Hampshire, and their honoring us with this grant.

Thanks also to the Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society board and members for their hard work over the years making this dream come to fruition.

Watch this site for further updates as we move forward!

Pete Davis
Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society
Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society Celebrates $25,000 Grant Award

NH’s Land and Community Heritage Investment Program awards $3,600,000 to conserve the State’s natural, cultural and historic resources, including preserving the Bartlett, New Hampshire railroad roundhouse.

Bartlett NH; December 4, 2017 – Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society, an organization dedicated to restoring and preserving the Bartlett New Hampshire railroad roundhouse, has received a $25,000 grant from the NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) to support its efforts to bring the Bartlett roundhouse back to life as a museum defining the history of railroading in Crawford Notch and northern New Hampshire.

The forty-two projects receiving awards are spread all across the state, from Littleton to Nashua and
Westmoreland to Star Island. Thirty-five very different communities are benefiting from the grants, from tiny Langdon (population 689) to Nashua (population 87,551). LCHIP’s $3.6 million in grants will be matched by more than $11 million in funds from other sources. Grant amounts range from under $4,000 to $390,000.

Friday, November 10, 2017

OOOPs, make that Paul Hallett, not Mallet (sorry Paul..)
This has been a very interesting series of weeks. As many of you know, there were severe floods on the rivers in and around Bartlett a couple of weeks ago which caused serious damage to the Maine Central Mountain Division in areas along the Saco River. There were a number of washouts and some of our friends in the area lost personal property and vehicles to the incredible water levels. I ran up and checked out the roundhouse shortly after the floods had passed and am pleased to report that it weathered the storms well. The floods did not impact the structure at all. As a matter of face, I visited during a rainstorm and found that the new extension on the back side of the roof at stalls one and two was doing exactly what it was intended to to...moving the water coming off the roof farther away from the wall to prevent it getting back inside as it was before. Thanks to the NH DOT for this small but important improvement to the building!

Also, it was recently announced that Paul Mallett, current Operations Manager of the Conway Scenic Railroad and friend of the Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society has announced his retirement from the railroad at the end of this year. Paul has supported our efforts consistently and willingly over the course of our association with him and we thank him gladly for all of the help he has provided to us. Good luck, old friend, and enjoy your retirement. You will be missed.

Pete Davis
Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society

Monday, July 24, 2017

An event took place a few days ago that really brought home how important it is for us to be doing what we are to restore and repurpose the roundhouse to become part of the historical heritage of New Hampshire.  The village of Hooksett New Hampshire has had an old road bridge spanning the Merrimack River for many of years.  Not too long ago, it was replaced with a more modern span that allowed better traffic movement through the village and the old bridge was retired.  It did get listed on the National Register of Historic Places, however, which should have been incentive to see that it survived for posterity.  Unfortunately, the structure gradually was allowed to degrade to the point where it had to be destroyed, thereby eliminating an integral piece of our New Hampshire historical narrative.  It was dropped to great fanfare a few days ago and is now being removed piecemeal from the river.

What struck me most was that this was almost what was to happen to the Bartlett Roundhouse not too many short years ago and would have, had the Society not been created to lobby and work with the State of New Hampshire to preserve and protect the building for future.  Our historic canvas is fragile and must be attended to if we are to keep that narrative going.  Going forward, it becomes even more important for the effort to continue.  On that note, I think we as a Society should continuously rededicate our focus and activities to the conservation of this important piece of our heritage.  I am personally very proud to be a participant in the work and the process.  I hope all of you are as well!

The Society thanks you for supporting our efforts so far and hope that you will continue to do so as we make progress.

Pete Davis
Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society
Over the past few days a lot of photos have been taken of the work on the back of stalls one and two of the roundhouse. I also have photos, but they will be redundant with those already posted. Suffice to say that work is moving right along and much progress has been made. Cam Sargent, our Vice President advised that the walls have been partially sided now and that that effort should be done fairly quickly, now that the structural repairs and the new sheathing and moisture barrier are in place. Apparently, the upper walls were found to be floating and in need of connection to the structure and that has been done (we had previously had some work done on the bottom, but the top was inaccessible at that time). We are now looking at how this should be painted, once the siding is in place. The building was painted completely green at some point, but, according to our retired archivist, Scott Mallett, the walls were actually green only from the ground up to the bottom of the window sills and gray above that with the trim green. We are now seeking proof that this was how the structure was painted, so that we can provide a historically accurate representation of how the building looked when in active service with the railroads. If anyone has a photo image that shows this color separation, we would greatly appreciate their sharing with us. This is an exciting time for us and validation of the process that Scott and the original Society members began so many years ago. Keep watching for more updates as the work progresses!

Pete Davis
Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society

Friday, July 7, 2017

It is with great sadness that we announce the resignation of Scott Mallett, our founder, from the Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society as of July 6, 2017, due to health reasons. Scott was the impetus behind the original formation of the Society when he found out the Bartlett Roundhouse was to be demolished.  Through his efforts, the Society was formed to lobby for restoration and repair of the building and the eventual transition of the facility into a railroad museum centering around the history of railroading in Bartlett and Crawford Notch.  To date, the building has received a replacement roof, some internal repairs, and is home to two historic pieces of railroad equipment, the old Maine Central outside braced boxcar that was once the tool car there, and a wooden Russell snow plow that originally was assigned to Portland Terminal Company in Maine.  The structure is also scheduled for some major repairs on the rear of stalls one and two, and a new driveway into the facility with the work scheduled to begin in mid-July.

His passion and enthusiasm have been a mainstay of our organization and he will be sorely missed.  Please join us in wishing Scott a fond fairwell and wish for equal success in whatever direction his fascination with railroading takes him.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Work session

         The work session scheduled for this weekend 5/6/17 has been cancelled due to predicted poor weather.

We will let you know when the next session is scheduled!

So check back.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

We need Choo Choo's

Do you have trains kicking around your attic or basement? Not sure what to do with them? Consider donating them to the Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society. You can make it a tax deductible donation.

We are mainly looking for HO scale trains, but will take any scale.

We will sell them as fundraising items and the money will go to help restore the Roundhouse!

If you would like to donate please contact Pete at or Scotty at

Thank you very much!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

SHOWS AND UPDATES...............

               At this date we are still in need of VENDORS for our May 13, 2017 Model Train and Craft Show, Please contact Sandra Abbott at 1-603-556-1861 or or

Our show has moved back to the Bartlett Elementary School on Route 302 in Bartlett Village.

The show will be held on Saturday May 13, 2017 from 10:00-3:00.

Vendors will need to bring their own items in to the show, so we highly recommend you bring your own hand-truck.

Tables are $25.00 each for an 8 foot table.



We will be attending the following shows:
*2017 Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region Model Railroad Show
 April 9. 2017
 Kearsarge Regional Middle School, 32 Gile Pond Road, North Sutton, NH

*22nd Annual Hooksett Lions Club Model Train Show & Modelers Show
 Sunday April 23, 10-3
 Hooksett Cawley Middle School, Hooksett, NH


Work on the Roundhouse will start as soon as there is access to the site. The backs of Stall's I & II will be restored and the roof line on the back of Stall I&II will be lengthened to prevent water from running down the side of the walls.

Also the new access road will be started and also some trees will be cut back away from the Roundhouse.

We have estimates for the Side of Stall I, the backs of Stalls I&II, side of Stall II. We only need the side of Stall IV and the workshop rebuild on the backs of Stalls III & IV.

We will be applying for an LCHIP grant this year.

2017 Dues are due!!! Please send in yours today: BRHPS P.O. Box 16 Bartlett, NH 03812

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tentative Work Session Dates for 2017

Hello All,
             The following schedule comes from our Vice President and Work Session Director Cam Sargent. Please remember all dates are TENTATIVE as it is only January. If any changes are needed we will post them here or on our Facebook page.

From Cam: Hello Everyone,
  Now that the Holidays are behind us and the snowflakes have stopped falling where I am in Concord (for the moment) I would like to continue on with a list of work schedule dates for 2017. 

     April 2017; Saturday, 22 and/or Sunday, 23.  This session will mostly be held to prepare operations for the upcoming season as far as taking inventory of existing materials and supplies for the cosmetic restoration of plow #68 and assessing any damage that may have occurred to the structure or the rolling stock over the course of the Winter.

    May 2017; Some of the work session dates for May are pending until a firm date and location for our Spring Model Railroad show are set.  However the weekends of the 6TH and the 7TH as well as the 20TH and 21ST seem to appear to be best as far as not conflicting with Mother's Day or Memorial Day.

    June 2017; June 10TH and/or 11TH, and 24TH and/or 25TH.  These dates will stay out of the path of Father's Day as well as getting a session as close to July as is possible.

    July 2017.  Because of the Fourth of July holiday and the Thomas Weekends usually held this month, which involves many of the members in our group, there will be no scheduled work sessions.

    August 2017; weekends of August 5TH and/or 6TH and 19TH and 20TH.  The Concord Model Railroad club normally has their show during this month, and as such the weekend of the 19TH and 20TH could change.

   September 2017; weekends of 9TH and/or 10TH, and 23RD and/or 24TH

   October 2017; weekends of September 31ST and/or October 1ST, and the 14TH and/or 15TH.

    November 2017; Saturday the 4TH.  This is a winterization date to gather up materials, secure structures and rolling stock before the icy weather sets in.

    Please keep in mind that these are tentative dates and are largely dependent upon weather conditions, personnel availability and how our progress effects the workload that is required.  I have done my best to schedule these work dates so that they do not conflict with holidays and events that the CSRR may require some of us to be on duty.  If there are any scheduling conflicts that apply to your situation regarding these dates listed, please let me know.

All are invited. Contact us at, or

We hope you are having a restful and prosperous winter......Stay tuned for updates.