Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tentative Work Session Dates for 2017

Hello All,
             The following schedule comes from our Vice President and Work Session Director Cam Sargent. Please remember all dates are TENTATIVE as it is only January. If any changes are needed we will post them here or on our Facebook page.

From Cam: Hello Everyone,
  Now that the Holidays are behind us and the snowflakes have stopped falling where I am in Concord (for the moment) I would like to continue on with a list of work schedule dates for 2017. 

     April 2017; Saturday, 22 and/or Sunday, 23.  This session will mostly be held to prepare operations for the upcoming season as far as taking inventory of existing materials and supplies for the cosmetic restoration of plow #68 and assessing any damage that may have occurred to the structure or the rolling stock over the course of the Winter.

    May 2017; Some of the work session dates for May are pending until a firm date and location for our Spring Model Railroad show are set.  However the weekends of the 6TH and the 7TH as well as the 20TH and 21ST seem to appear to be best as far as not conflicting with Mother's Day or Memorial Day.

    June 2017; June 10TH and/or 11TH, and 24TH and/or 25TH.  These dates will stay out of the path of Father's Day as well as getting a session as close to July as is possible.

    July 2017.  Because of the Fourth of July holiday and the Thomas Weekends usually held this month, which involves many of the members in our group, there will be no scheduled work sessions.

    August 2017; weekends of August 5TH and/or 6TH and 19TH and 20TH.  The Concord Model Railroad club normally has their show during this month, and as such the weekend of the 19TH and 20TH could change.

   September 2017; weekends of 9TH and/or 10TH, and 23RD and/or 24TH

   October 2017; weekends of September 31ST and/or October 1ST, and the 14TH and/or 15TH.

    November 2017; Saturday the 4TH.  This is a winterization date to gather up materials, secure structures and rolling stock before the icy weather sets in.

    Please keep in mind that these are tentative dates and are largely dependent upon weather conditions, personnel availability and how our progress effects the workload that is required.  I have done my best to schedule these work dates so that they do not conflict with holidays and events that the CSRR may require some of us to be on duty.  If there are any scheduling conflicts that apply to your situation regarding these dates listed, please let me know.

All are invited. Contact us at, or

We hope you are having a restful and prosperous winter......Stay tuned for updates.