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T-Shirts, Tote Bags and Pens, oh my!

Hi all,
         Please find in the pictures below a photo of the front and back of our new T-Shirts. The sizes range from Med-3X. Prices are: NON MEMBERS $ 20.00, MEMBERS $ 18.00, SHIPPING is Priority with free tracking $ 6.00. Tote Bags have the same design as the front logo on the T-Shirts and are $ 10.00. Shipping is Priority $ 6.00   If you buy a Tote Bag AND a T-Shirt, you automatically get a free Pen!
 Front of shirt all green with logo on left breast area.
Please send Check or Money order made out to Bartlett Roundhouse Society to: Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society, P.O. Box 16 Bartlett NH 03812 and mark on the outside of the envelope: SHIRT.

A great Gift and a great way to support the Society!!!
~Thank You for your interest!

Bartett Roundhouse photo 1932

This Photo comes to us through the courtesy of Mr. David Larrabee. It shows the Bartlett Roundhouse in it's heyday and was taken in August 1932. Click photo for larger version.

A view from the sky of the Bartlett Roundhouse

This image comes to us from our friend Steve LaBonte. It was taken on May 18, 2013.
Thank you Steve for a wonderful shot of the Roundhouse and property!