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Lease agreement reached with state of New Hampshire!

The BRPC got a surprise donation for the full amount of the state-required liability insurance premium. With this, the club goes from a bunch of people with a dream to a full blown actual organization with a project. With the insurance comes a formal lease agreement with the State of New Hampshire, and more rights to the building, allowing us to have insured contractors come in and give estimates as well as allowing us to apply for grants. I will be meeting with our insurance agent this week. Once we have our lease agreement we will also be talking with Conway Scenic Railroad about obtaining outside braced wooden boxcar MEC #35059 and ex-PTM wooden snowplow #68. Both need extensive restoration, but are both within the realm of possibility. Both cars are ex-Maine Central, boxcar 35059 served as the Car Department tool car in Bartlett from 1940-1969. Our 501c3 (IRS non-profit status) paperwork is already at the accountant. Our non-profit status is retroactive, so anyone that donates n