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Demolition of Machine Shop

As many of you know the machine shop at the rear of stall 3 and 4 has been collapsing for some time and has become unsafe. I will be meeting on site with Joyce McKay and Jill Eidelman from the State as well as Phil Nedza from Dectam Corporation (The contractors doing the asbestos abatement and the abatement and removal of the machine shop) on Monday to go over what will be saved from the machine shop. There is the large workbench to be saved as well as the T-Bar rail from the crane and maybe a window sill and a side beam that gives the height of the building so we have it when it comes time to rebuild the machine shop in the future. It is important, MOST IMPORTANT, that we stay clear of the building as the company is doing the asbestos abatement. Dectam will be buttoning up the building as listed below. I will let you know when the abatement procedure is done and it is safe to once again approach the roundhouse. —Scotty Malett