First work session of the year

Hi everyone, the Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society had it's first full work session today at the Roundhouse in Bartlett. N.H. Doug Andrew came up and did a fantastic job mowing the grounds, weed wacking, and cutting small trees along the new driveway. I organized some piles of lumber left by previous contractors and swept out the dust, dirt, and leaves from the floor. I had a nice lunch at Cabin Fever across the tracks and climbed up onto the roof of the snowplow to inspect the cupola. The cupola is not fairing well and will need help before the end of the season. Our next work date will be on Sunday, June 30th when I intend to begin working on the cupola of the snowplow. I am asking anyone who wishes to join our group and has some carpentry skills to please feel free to do so. Things got wrapped up in time at the roundhouse for me to stop and take pictures of the Conway Scenic Railroad's Valley train as it pulled into town. I got some nice pics of my friend Bill Willis…

A look back at the year and Pete Davis retires.

Looking back at 2018 was quite an eye-opener. We accomplished a great deal during that time. In particular, we saw great progress on our restoration process with the inclusion of a grant from the Land & Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) organization which, coupled with a matching grant from the State of New Hampshire, allowed us to contract with Gordon T Burke and Sons to continue the restoration work on the sides of stalls one, two, and four, and the backs of stalls three and four. The grant money came in later than expected, but Burke was able to redo the side of stall one, retaining much of the existing siding while repairing sills along the rear area where the extension had been done. Much of the wood at the bottom was rotted and replaced. They also replaced the old plywood in the windows and repaired damage to the sills to allow installation of plywood sheets held in by molding to secure the structure from the weather. Our driveway, which had been in the works fo…

Albert R. Webb Awards Bartlett Roundhouse 2,000.00

WW&F receives 2019 H. Albert Webb Memorial Railroad Preservation Award The Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts, Inc. (“Mass Bay RRE”) has announced that the Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway Museum of Alna, Maine, is the recipient of the 2019 H. Albert Webb Memorial Railroad Preservation Award. This $10,000 grant will enable the WW&F to purchase track materials and services needed to complete the Museum’s ambitious “Mountain Extension” project. “The Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway Museum is ecstatic with the interest that the Mountain Extension has received from the entire heritage railway community, and we thank the Mass Bay RRE, and Leigh Webb in particular, for their support of this project. The continued restoration of the WW&F Railway would not be possible without the enthusiasm and excitement among railroad preservationists. We appreciate the long-time support from the Mass Bay RRE which directly fuels the motivation, interest and progr…

An Update and exciting news!!!

Hello friends! What a tremendous year 2018 was for the Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society and the needed repairs on the roundhouse! After we received the grant from the LCHIP organization in December of 2017, it took us a while to get all the pieces in place to begin the work, but we did it! Work started finally in October. Our partners in this project, the New Hampshire Dept of Transportation, acting as our construction managers, worked closely with Burke and Sons Construction to gather the necessary materials, repair the bottom sills along much of the front of stall one and a portion of the rear of the wall on stall four, and begin the lengthy job of residing and repairing the window mounts and plywood to help keep the building more secure.  Weather precluded finishing off the top part of the stall four walls, which will wait until spring. Still in the plan is to add some plywood to the rear of stalls three and four and put in some form of grating at the top to allow for good…

Work on Stall I

Work on the side of stall 1 is almost complete. More work is being done onsight.
Plow 68 work. These photos and story are from Cam Sargent.

Another successful day of repairing/restoring equipment at the Bartlett Roundhouse today! After a rainy start, Pete Davis, Bob Marshall, and I began removing more of the old sheathing boards from the woods side of Portland Terminal snowplow #68. By lunchtime, the weather turned in our favor, and we finished installing the new sheathing boards, and Bob caulked the seams. The next step will be to ad the quarter-rounds to the edges and finish caulking them. Then a primer coat, and a green paint coat.

The work session dates for the 2018 season are as follows:  May 26/27, June 9/10, July (most of us are wrapped up with Thomas, so we'll have to see if we need to schedule a date during that month if there is a need), August 5, September 8/9, October 20/21, and a tentative date for November 4 (mostly to winterize the property, remove any paint and other items that need to be stored from freezing).  These dates are arranged so that if there is bad weather on one day of the weekend, the other day may be scheduled for the session.  Generally, the work sessions will not take up an entire weekend unless there is a great need during a project.  This allows for some flexibility for most folks, and if someone is interested in participating in a work session, please let us know in advance so that the sessions can be planned to provide enough activities for those attending.  As a particular work session date approaches, I will have a notice posted on the blog as to wha…