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A look back at the year and Pete Davis retires.

Looking back at 2018 was quite an eye-opener. We accomplished a great deal during that time. In particular, we saw great progress on our restoration process with the inclusion of a grant from the Land & Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) organization which, coupled with a matching grant from the State of New Hampshire, allowed us to contract with Gordon T Burke and Sons to continue the restoration work on the sides of stalls one, two, and four, and the backs of stalls three and four. The grant money came in later than expected, but Burke was able to redo the side of stall one, retaining much of the existing siding while repairing sills along the rear area where the extension had been done. Much of the wood at the bottom was rotted and replaced. They also replaced the old plywood in the windows and repaired damage to the sills to allow installation of plywood sheets held in by molding to secure the structure from the weather. Our driveway, which had been in the works