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Greetings friends of the Bartlett Roundhouse! As you can see from the previous posting, this is an exciting day for the Society!  We have received a $25000 grant from the NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, to be used with allocated matching funds from other sources, to repair and restore all of the exterior walls of the Roundhouse, except the front main door area and the backs of stalls one and two, which our latest grant from the Moose Plate Program allowed us to achieve.  This is a historic moment for us.  We are now a huge step closer to our ultimate goal of creating a railroad history museum and interpretive center on railroading in Bartlett, Crawford Notch, and northern New Hampshire. Those of us involved in the project from the beginning weren't even thinking this far ahead when we began the process just to save and stabilize the structure back in 2006.  This was so far in the future for us that we couldn't even hope to see this day coming.  We had gre
Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society Celebrates $25,000 Grant Award NH’s Land and Community Heritage Investment Program awards $3,600,000 to conserve the State’s natural,  cultural and historic resources, including preserving the Bartlett, New Hampshire railroad roundhouse. Bartlett NH; December 4, 2017 – Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society, an organization dedicated to  restoring and preserving the Bartlett New Hampshire railroad roundhouse, has received a $25,000 grant from  the NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) to support its efforts to bring the Bartlett  roundhouse back to life as a museum defining the history of railroading in Crawford Notch and northern New  Hampshire. T he forty-two projects receiving awards are spread all across the state, from Littleton to Nashua and Westmoreland to Star Island. Thirty-five very different communities are benefiting from the grants, from  tiny Langdon (population 689) to Nashua (population 87,551). LCHIP’s