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First work session of the year

Hi everyone, the Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society had it's first full work session today at the Roundhouse in Bartlett. N.H. Doug Andrew came up and did a fantastic job mowing the grounds, weed wacking, and cutting small trees along the new driveway. I organized some piles of lumber left by previous contractors and swept out the dust, dirt, and leaves from the floor. I had a nice lunch at Cabin Fever across the tracks and climbed up onto the roof of the snowplow to inspect the cupola. The cupola is not fairing well and will need help before the end of the season. Our next work date will be on Sunday, June 30th when I intend to begin working on the cupola of the snowplow. I am asking anyone who wishes to join our group and has some carpentry skills to please feel free to do so. Things got wrapped up in time at the roundhouse for me to stop and take pictures of the Conway Scenic Railroad's Valley train as it pulled into town. I got some nice pics of my friend Bill Willis,