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Rendered Drawings....The Preservation Collaborative

MEC/P&O CSRR One of the last remaining buildings from the Portland & Ogdensburg Railway, the Bartlett Roundhouse structure was completed between 1887 and 1888. Originally si x stalls, the building housed helper engines for the system plus a single logging/yard engine. It was later acquired by the Maine Central Railroad and was altered to meet new needs. Two stalls were removed and later two were elongated for bigger machines. With the decline of steam at the middle of the century, the building fell dormant. The  Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society  has been working to save this historic structure. We are pleased to have provided them with as-built documentation to further their efforts. Here are two renderings of the proposed rehabilitated structure. The green is the original P&O colors and the yellow scheme is for the  Conway Scenic Railroad  who operates on the adjacent active railroad. Please visit both their pages to learn more about what each does to conserve