National Register here we come!

Hi Everyone,
                     Well Pete Davis and I had a meeting with Jill Edelmann from the NHDOT and Peter Michaud from the Division of Historical Resourses on Thursday the 26th of June and I have some SPECTACULAR news. The NHDOT on this past Tuesday the 24th of June allotted funding to hire a specialist to do the National Register nomination for the Bartlett Roundhouse. This means if all goes according to plan, the Bartlett Roundhouse will be listed on the National Register of Historic places by Christmas!! When this is complete it opens up avenues like driveway access and gives us points in grants such as the LCHIP grant and the Tillostan grants.

Jill is also going to see about getting us a letter from the head of the DOT which gives us permission to apply for grants for the Roundhouse and supports us doing so.

Jill is also seeing about us becoming "Stewards" of the building by coming up with a stewardship plan. Stewards are like caretakers, except more in a official manner.

Jill is also finding out who our new RR contact at the Bureau of Rail and transit is so we can move forward in that direction as well. Our past contacts have become busy with other projects and she is going to find out who is spearheading the Bartlett Roundhouse.

A great meeting and a win for the History of Bartlett and Bartlett Village!

Very best to you all!
Scotty Mallett: BRHPS President
From left to right; Scott Mallett: President BRHPS (Retired), Jill Edelmann: Cultural Resources Manager: NHDOT and Peter Michaud: Division of Historical Resources. Photo be President Pete Davis.

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