An event took place a few days ago that really brought home how important it is for us to be doing what we are to restore and repurpose the roundhouse to become part of the historical heritage of New Hampshire.  The village of Hooksett New Hampshire has had an old road bridge spanning the Merrimack River for many of years.  Not too long ago, it was replaced with a more modern span that allowed better traffic movement through the village and the old bridge was retired.  It did get listed on the National Register of Historic Places, however, which should have been incentive to see that it survived for posterity.  Unfortunately, the structure gradually was allowed to degrade to the point where it had to be destroyed, thereby eliminating an integral piece of our New Hampshire historical narrative.  It was dropped to great fanfare a few days ago and is now being removed piecemeal from the river.

What struck me most was that this was almost what was to happen to the Bartlett Roundhouse not too many short years ago and would have, had the Society not been created to lobby and work with the State of New Hampshire to preserve and protect the building for future.  Our historic canvas is fragile and must be attended to if we are to keep that narrative going.  Going forward, it becomes even more important for the effort to continue.  On that note, I think we as a Society should continuously rededicate our focus and activities to the conservation of this important piece of our heritage.  I am personally very proud to be a participant in the work and the process.  I hope all of you are as well!

The Society thanks you for supporting our efforts so far and hope that you will continue to do so as we make progress.

Pete Davis
Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society

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