Over the past few days a lot of photos have been taken of the work on the back of stalls one and two of the roundhouse. I also have photos, but they will be redundant with those already posted. Suffice to say that work is moving right along and much progress has been made. Cam Sargent, our Vice President advised that the walls have been partially sided now and that that effort should be done fairly quickly, now that the structural repairs and the new sheathing and moisture barrier are in place. Apparently, the upper walls were found to be floating and in need of connection to the structure and that has been done (we had previously had some work done on the bottom, but the top was inaccessible at that time). We are now looking at how this should be painted, once the siding is in place. The building was painted completely green at some point, but, according to our retired archivist, Scott Mallett, the walls were actually green only from the ground up to the bottom of the window sills and gray above that with the trim green. We are now seeking proof that this was how the structure was painted, so that we can provide a historically accurate representation of how the building looked when in active service with the railroads. If anyone has a photo image that shows this color separation, we would greatly appreciate their sharing with us. This is an exciting time for us and validation of the process that Scott and the original Society members began so many years ago. Keep watching for more updates as the work progresses!

Pete Davis
Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society

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