This has been a very interesting series of weeks. As many of you know, there were severe floods on the rivers in and around Bartlett a couple of weeks ago which caused serious damage to the Maine Central Mountain Division in areas along the Saco River. There were a number of washouts and some of our friends in the area lost personal property and vehicles to the incredible water levels. I ran up and checked out the roundhouse shortly after the floods had passed and am pleased to report that it weathered the storms well. The floods did not impact the structure at all. As a matter of face, I visited during a rainstorm and found that the new extension on the back side of the roof at stalls one and two was doing exactly what it was intended to to...moving the water coming off the roof farther away from the wall to prevent it getting back inside as it was before. Thanks to the NH DOT for this small but important improvement to the building!

Also, it was recently announced that Paul Hallett, current Operations Manager of the Conway Scenic Railroad and friend of the Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society has announced his retirement from the railroad at the end of this year. Paul has supported our efforts consistently and willingly over the course of our association with him and we thank him gladly for all of the help he has provided to us. Good luck, old friend, and enjoy your retirement. You will be missed.

Pete Davis
Bartlett Roundhouse Preservation Society

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